New to THS?

Chromebook Overview

All Temple High School students are issued a Chromebook for their use while at Temple High School. Students keep the same Chromebook throughout their high school career. Students who successfully graduate from THS may take their Chromebook with them. To learn more out using Chromebooks, go to the Chromebooks button on the main menu of this site.

Important Points to Remember:

  1. Your Chromebook is filtered on and off school premises. Both the Internet and Google applications are being filtered. Be sure that you surf appropriately and follow school rules when you use your Google docs, email, etc.
    • Chromebook chargers should be left at home. Chromebooks should be charged every evening for school the next day.
    • Bring your Chromebook to school every day.
  2. Lost or stolen Chromebooks must be reported to the TechSpot within 24 hours.
    • If you are having trouble with your Chromebook, bring it to the TechSpot before or enter a help request at

Google Overview

All Temple ISD students have a Google account. To learn more about using Google Apps, go to the Google button on the main menu of this site. To log into your Google account:

  1. From a computer: use your student and your computer login password.
  2. From your Chromebook: use your student ID (the should already be there) and
  3. your computer login password.
  4. From your phone: Download the Google Drive app for your phone, then log in with your
  5. student and your computer login password.

In addition, you can use your Google account for authentication for many apps so that you don't have to create additional accounts.

Schoology Overview

Temple High School uses Schoology for classes, assignments, and annoucements. You can log into Schoology on your Chromebook by going to You can also download the Schoology app on your cell phone. If you use Schoology on a home computer, be sure to log into your account (go to and sign in) before going to