Click the image above to access the student help center!

  1. When you log into, you first need to select your class on the Class Page. You can return to the Class Page anytime by selecting the Classes link in the main navigation bar.

  2. Your name is at the top right. Select your name and then choose Account Settings to change your name, email address, username or password.

  3. Adding or changing classes

  4. If you have a Class Code for a new class not listed on your Class Page, you can use the Enroll in a Class link to add the class.

  5. If you are enrolled in multiple classes, select the class name in the upper left of the page to change the class you are viewing.

  6. Gizmos List

  7. Once you select a class, all the Gizmos chosen for your class are listed under the class title.

  8. To use a Gizmo on the list, select Launch Gizmo. Select Lesson Info to open the page with all the materials, such as the Student Exploration Sheet, that go with the Gizmo.

Still need help? Email your teacher or submit a ticket!