Click the image above to access the student help center!

  1. To log into the Clever Portal, go to your district’s Clever login page. If you don't know your district's Clever login page, you can go to and look for your school or district. If you cannot find your school, please ask your teacher where you should go to log into Clever.

  2. Log in using your district username and password. If you are using the 'Log in with Google' button, you will be redirected to sign in to the Google email linked to your Clever account (your school email). Enter your school-provided email address.

  3. If you see the error message "Wrong password. Try again', this means that either your email or password is incorrect. Please contact your teacher for assistance.

  4. If you see the following error message 'Uh oh! We were not able to authenticate using Google email:', this means that the Google email you signed into is not the email that is linked to your Clever account. Please make sure you are using your school-provided email.

  5. From your Clever Portal, click on the application icon you’d like to use:

Need to access Clever from a mobile device?

Still need help? Email your teacher or submit a ticket!