Click the image above to be directed to the student help center!

Step 1: Locate the join information from your educator

  • Your educator has given you one of these ways to join the right discussion:

  • Flipgrid works on most web browsers and mobile devices. We recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for the best web experience.

Step 2: Join the Discussion

Get to your educator's discussion by using the link or code provided by your educator in step 1.

  • If you were given a join link, click on that link.

  • If you were given a Join Code, go to your web browser and enter https://flipgrid.com. You’ll see an area to enter a Join Code. Type the Join Code and press enter on your keyboard. On a mobile app, enter the code.

  • If you were given a QR code, scan the QR code with your device camera or Flipgrid mobile app.

You’ll see a prompt to log in, enter a student username, or a password. If your Student Username or password are not working, be sure to double-check the case and space sensitivity.

Step 3: Record and Submit

Once you’ve joined, you’ll see your educator’s Topic, or discussion prompt. Follow the instructions and when you’re ready to record, click the red Record a Response button or the Flipgrid logo for the camera to start.

When you're in the Flipgrid camera, you can record a video in these 4 easy steps:

Tap to record - Tap the record button on the bottom to start. Add fun stickers, filters, text, and more. Tap the arrow on the bottom right to advance.

Review your video - Trim, split, rearrange, or add more. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.

Take a selfie - The selfie will be the cover image for your video. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.

Submit your video - Edit your name, add a title, or attach a link. Then submit!

Need to access Flipgrid from your mobile device?

Still need help? Email your teacher or submit a ticket!